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Sealed with fresh popcorn goodness

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Here at K's Poppin Treats in Dallas Fort Worth Texas, we provide outstanding customer service every time you shop for your delicious gourmet popcorn. We invite you to visit our online store and have a taste of our phenomenal flavors that are put together by our popcorn experts to create signature flavors in every bag of K's Poppin Treats.

Welcome to K's Poppin Treats

K's Poppin Treats takes you to a world of flavor and freshness with a great selection of gourmet popcorn everyone loves. We bring our love for popcorn in every bag that we serve because we know how popcorn can make your day bright with every delicious bag.

offer you superior quality gourmet popcorn that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Here at K's Poppin Treats you will find more than just the standard gourmet popcorn:

Introducing Popcorn Party Packages = P3
Our P3 product is a treat for the young and old.  Package sizes range from serving a minimum of 8 and goes up in increments of 6.  P3 Sample  packages are perfect for meetings, conferences, birthday parties, wedding receptions, bachelor parties, movie parties....and
whatever you can dream up!

P3 -1 - 6 Servings = 1/2 dozen of our Just enough for me (small) bags of popcorn (flavor choice),  our popcorn bouquet (8 of our candy pop, which are small popcorn balls dipped in white or dark chocolate on ribbon decorated sticks, your choice of colors - paper plates, paper cups, napkins and matching striped color straws.    

P3 -2 - 12 Servings = same as above

P3-3 - 18 Servings = same as above

P3-4 - 24 Servings = same as above  

P3-5 - Our sampler pack -16 (sample size) servings with your choice of 4 flavors &  our popcorn bouquet  ; including the other items listed above.  Pricing listed on our store page.

Sealed with fresh popcorn goodness
About our POPCORN flavors 
Savory Favorites
  1. Shrimp Cheese
  2. Wild Buffalo
  3. Cheesy Goodness
  4. Buffalo Bleu Cheese ranch
  5. Chilli Cheese
  6. Salt &Vinegar
  7. Honey Mustard
  8. Cheddar Pretzel Ale
  9. Ranch
  10. Cheesy Garlic Bread

Sweet Treats 
  1. Blueberry
  2. Lemon Cake
  3. Grape
  4. Cherry
  1. Dark ChocolateCov Sea Salt
  2. Chocolate Cov with nuts
  3. Candy Pop
  4. Cinnamon
  5. Caramel
A  lOVE affair to boast about.
A  Flavor Experience you won't forget!
Lil-Something Different 
Our long-time love affair with popcorn has brought us to this point.  We want to dish all about our relationship with Popcorn.  We pride ourselves on choosing kernels that pop into a fluffy treat that allows us to move past the obvious and into the realm of tasty creativity.

Believe it or not, we remember the days when popcorn came in a box at the store with a prize in it. Or if you were lucky enough to go to the movies or a baseball game.  And now in 2017 - look at where we are.  Popcorn + our creative senses = K's Poppin Treats.  A Love Affair on display. 

 We like to break down our love affair in several categories.  The savory options range from cheesy to spicy to an obsession that won't let you stop at just a few kernels.  Sweet Treats are the pleasure filled category your tongue can't wait to experience.  Don't forget, Classic which is those standard flavors you know and love.  A Lil Something Different is our version of what creativity looks like.  You will find different and unique in this option.  Last but not least is our Creative Twist, that is our ears wide open, waiting for your suggestions for new and trendsetting flavors.  Jump on over to the Contact us page and let us know what your suggestion is for a creative twist.

 We are so thrilled you have taken the time to learn about our products.  We know that you will enjoy the gourmet popcorn we love to create for you!

  1. Maple Carmel Bacon
  2. Appletini
  3. Vanilla Latte
  4. Pina Colada
Classic Flavors
  1. Naked – little bit of butter/salt
  2. Carmel
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Chocolate Covered
Creative Twist
  1.  Suggested flavors

So no matter where you are located.... when your tastebuds are looking for great flavors of gourmet popcorn, there's only one name to keep in mind - K's Poppin Treats!

For more information on our products and services, you may reach us by phone at 682-233-5809 or email us at