Earn Something  - our version of let's give you something for your referrals and sharing the popcorn love with your family and friends!    Keep going, we know you are curious....
details below.

We are sooo excited that you are visiting K's Poppin Treats.  So much so that we want to give you stuff!  We are looking for KPAs = K's Poppin Ambassadors.  As a KPA you get to "Earn Something" and we get to celebrate you!  Just by sharing your KPA# with your friends, family or whoever will listen, you earn!   So here's the deal, as a KPA, you will earn points when your referral  purchases and provides your KPA# in the promotion code area of checkout.  Additionally, the person who uses your number will also receive a 10% discount.  It's a win/win for you and them.  Points will allow an opportunity to choose from the items seen on this page.   Go to our contact us page and let us know you want to be a KPA.  We will respond to your email with the necessary information which includes your KPA#. 
WE ARE SO EXCITED  - you stopped by! Great - you want to earn something! You have come to the right place.   Ok, so there's not much you have to do. Just do what you do everyday and talk to people about K's Poppin Treats.  Join the KPA club via our contact us page - K's Poppin Ambassadors, get your referral code and pass it on to your family & friends.  When they purchase they must enter your KPA in the promo code area of the shopping cart - they will get a 10% discount for their next purchase and you earn points.  Take a gander at what points can equate to below. We know that referrals from friends and family is the best way to share our story of Popcorn Love.  So our goal is to reward you for sharing our story.  WE look forward to having you join the KPT family by becoming a KPA (K's Poppin Ambassadors).  Try all of our flavors and share away.  Also, don't forget to share any creative ideas you may have about flavors.  WE are always willing to listen!
Get ready  to - INSERT FLAVOR! 

Rewards are subject to change as the supply changes. 
Gift Card =  15,000 points
  15% discount  = 7,500 points
 KPT shirt =  6,000 points  
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
Popcorn pillow = 8,000 points
20% discount = 12,000 points
 Movie Tix = 10,000 points
Go ahead....become a K's Poppin Ambassador via the contact page, receive your KPA# and share your KPA# with your family and friends and EARN SOMETHING!