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Today popcorn is typically thought of as a snack food but at one time,  it was once a popular breakfast food.
In the late nineteenth century, popcorn was eaten just as we eat cereal today. Long before the creative genius of the cornflake, Ella Kellog, would eat ground popcorn
with milk or cream.  Who knew?  And what would Ella Kellog say about buying
gourmet popcorn online?  We are guessing she would be floored and then place an
 order  with K's Poppin Treats!  WE can dream!                                         
                                                       - Enter and Enjoy!  
            POPCORN FLAVOR OF THE  MONTH:  Cheddar Pretzel Ale

Our Sizes:  Sampler- 2 c.| sm - 3.75 c. | med - 5.75 c. | lrge - 6.50 c. | 1 Gal - 14 c.


 Find love in every bag

We know that you are a part of our equation. So here is how we see it: buy our gourmet popcorn online + fun + flavor = A Poppin Good Time.  It breaks down as follows: we make the popcorn, you bring on the fun and we will show you the flavor which converts into shared Popcorn Love
Just so you know...
1.  Our sizing is as follows:  small bag = 3 cups ; medium bag = 5 cups ; large bag = 10 cups; we also have 2Quarts and Gallon sizes as well which translates to more than enough to share! 
2. Popcorn is our Obsession = check out all of our flavors when you buy our gourmet popcorn. 
3. Your taste buds are our priority = we are constantly looking at how we can impress you! 
4. We enjoy creativity and would love to hear yours = Be apart of the Creative Twist - go to our contact us page and send your idea for a flavor.  We'll try anything once!  

We appreciate YOU!  Become a KPA (K's Poppin Ambassador) and check out what we want to give you. Find further details on the Earn page.   So what are you waiting for ..... Go ahead, buy our gourmet popcorn online and then  
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Delicious Gourmet Snack Popcorn

Savory Favorites
Lil-Something​ Different
Square pegs don’t fit a round hole …..no worries, we don’t really care.  WE like being different and stepping into the “I never thought of that category…”

All we can say….let your taste buds out on the town. You will feel like your taste buds went dancing and started a marathon of flavor. Excited yet!​​
Isn’t it sweet to find money on the ground? It makes you say ….”SWEET” We are sure that is how you will feel when you experience these options. 
Yes it is all about you, who said it wasn’t. Make your suggestion and we will see if we can pull it off. Be forewarned, if we don’t think it is spectacular, we will concede on that flavor and let you know. No harm, no foul.
 Go for what you know. The flavors you know and love is what you will find here. No shame in this game, we say, “Do You!” 

Popcorn lovers, popcorn experts

Here at K's Poppin Treats, we take pride in our passion to bring great flavors for everyone. We love popcorn as much you do. Our love for these goodies took us to the kitchen to work on wonderful flavors we enjoy and we know you will enjoy too. We constantly upgrade our craft to create more flavors and bring more freshness to every bag and to every home. 
We are more than just popcorn!
No matter where you are in the World, if you are looking for great tasting gourmet popcorn, you couldn't have landed on a better site.  Not only are we obessed with popcorn, we want to make sure we are doing our part in giving back.

When we are not focused on creating gourmet popcorn flavors in Dallas/Fort Worth for all to enjoy, we like to spend time volunteering and seeking out organizations to partner with in an effort to be socially responsible.

K's Poppin Treats is committed to giving back.  We understand that even our small company can make a difference in leaving a legacy of lending a helping hand.  Of course we want to be remembered for our popcorn but we also want to be remembered for being helpful social citizens in our community.   With all of that said, we are looking to partner with a worthwhile organization to donate a portion of our proceeds from every bag of popcorn.  When that organization has been identified, we will provide a link and their logo below.  We look forward to sharing our passion of gourmet popcorn with you and our love for helping others.  Not only do we want to put a smile on your face when your tastebuds experience our gourmet popcorn, we also want to positively touch hearts with helping out where we can.

 So if share our obession with popcorn and being a positive force in the world, know that a little goes a long way.   WE challenge you to find areas where you can give back.  And then let's chat about the good times over a bag of gourmet popcorn from K's Poppin Treats!

Suggestions on ways to give back:    Sponor Foster Children (contact a local agency)  to take a trip to the State Fair ;  Reach out to local food banks and find out their need dates for donations ;  Organize a group to provide boxes of cereal for school age children who don't get breakfast throughout the school year; Donate to the local  school meal funds for children who cannot afford school lunches ; Inquire about organizations that help children throughout the summer who don't have food to eat ; Volunteer to read books to children at your local library.  We know there are many more but these are just some of the areas where we have had our staff participate. 
                             You  +                                                     = MAKING A DIFFERENCE!